This course has been developed to refresh the delegate’s existing knowledge, to ensure that the delegate is made fully aware of changes in legislation and good working practices and to provide additional training to align their skill-set with the contents of current CISRS Scaffolder/Advanced Scaffolder Courses. The introduction of this course will help ensure CISRS scaffolders maintain their status of being a well-trained, safety conscious and highly respected sector of the construction industry.

The Scaffolder Refresher/CPD course is only available to CISRS Scaffolder and Advanced card holders. Delegates are eligible to attend the course up to six months in advance of their card expiry date. Their new cards will expire 5 years after the expiry of their existing card. For delegates who attend the course after their cards have expired, the expiry date of their new card will be 5 years from the date of the card processing date.

Course Duration
2 consecutive days.

Maximum Number

Training Aids
Lecture notes and audio/visual presentation.

Scaffold Inspection module, CISRS Health, Safety and Behavioural Test.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a CISRS certificate.

Additional Information
Meeting the needs and expectations of service users is of the highest priority to our staff. Therefore if you have any concerns or wish to make a comment about the service please contact us.


On successful completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the course content
  • Understand a re-cap of the Part 1 and 2 course questions
  • Understand the update on the requirements on the NASC guidance TG20:13
  • Understand the update on the requirements of scaffolds that are not TG20 compliant and therefore require a bespoke design
  • Understand the update on requirements of tying scaffolds in accordance with TG20:13
  • Understand the update on the requirements of erecting the scaffold in accordance with SG4:15
  • Understand the update on requirements of the protection of the public when erecting and dismantling scaffold
  • Understand the update on the requirements of basic inspections on scaffolds
  • Understand the use of Mobile Access Towers
  • Understand the update on Manual Handling and Temporary Edge Protection
  • Understand the update on the requirements of the RIDDOR regulations, PPE regulations, RAMS and system scaffold awareness
  • Understand the update on the requirements of vehicle safety, drugs and alcohol and impact wrenches


  • SG4- Inclusive of SG19 and Harness Training
  • TG20- Inclusive of Masonry Anchors
  • RAMS
  • SG6- Manual Handling- Inclusive of Ropes, Wheels and Knots
  • MATS (Mobile Access Towers for Scaffolders)
  • Inspection
  • Trends in accidents, Accident Reporting
  • Part Two Re-cap
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Vehicles
  • Communication- Inclusive of Scaffolder Responsibilities and Behaviour
  • Edge Protection and Roof Works
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • PPE- Responsibilities of the Employer
  • Incomplete Scaffolds- Inclusive of Signage and Access
  • System Scaffold Awareness
  • Protection of the Public
  • Module Knowledge Tests
  • Health and Safety Testing

For further information regarding this training, please contact us.

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